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Jonathan Taylor


I am a versatile and reliable artist of twenty years experience who can offer a broad skill set and great professional record. Currently I am freelance, specialising in illustration and concept art, 3D modelling and visualisation, games art and pipelines, art direction, story-boarding and comics.


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Way of the Dogg

Way of the Dogg was an extremely hands-on project. With a small team and very little time, I was required to do a bit of everything so, in addition to establishing and maintaining the visual direction, I hired and ran a team of two artists and three animators in-house, an external character and cut-scene concept artist and managed the character modelling out-sourcing to a team in China. I also created whiteboxes and concept art for all the environments, built over 60% of the environment and prop assets in-game, built and textured the first character model and provided a final pass on the out-sourced ones. I also created UI and front-end elements and accompanying animation and SFX, developed and animated the cut-scenes, and provided marketing materials for 505 Games. At the end of the project I personally converted all the assets to run on the various different mobile platforms.

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