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Jonathan Taylor


I am a versatile and reliable artist of twenty years experience who can offer a broad skill set and great professional record. Currently I am freelance, specialising in illustration and concept art, 3D modelling and visualisation, games art and pipelines, art direction, story-boarding and comics.


If you wish to discuss the services I provide please do not hesitate to contact me.


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Odds and ends

A part of my time at Zoë was spent working on speculative games and pitches, helping out with other projects or simply just working on games that ultimately never worked out. Here, for the sake of completeness, and in no particular order are some odds and ends; 1-3 storyboards for You're in the Movies (Code Masters) ; 4-6 character concepts for DJ Hero: After Party (Activision) ; 7-9 early concept work for Sing Hero (Activision); 10 + 11 quick paints for a speculative camera title; 12 render for a SCEE camera/ AR project; 13-18 in-game pre-rendered/ painted backgrounds for Sleepover Party (Ubisoft).