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Jonathan Taylor


I am a versatile and reliable artist of twenty years experience who can offer a broad skill set and great professional record. Currently I am freelance, specialising in illustration and concept art, 3D modelling and visualisation, games art and pipelines, art direction, story-boarding and comics.


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Crush/ Crush3d

I was lead artist on the PSP game Crush for sega. I lead a team of around five artists and was responsible for developing  and maintaining the look and feel in accordance with Sega's wishes as well as building characters, props and environments. I also hand-drew and coloured all the plates used in the story-telling cut-scenes.

Due to other commitments I was not lead on it's re-imagining for the 3DS, Crush3D, however I did re-concept the environments and characters to give them a friendlier feel.

Click here to a view a video of the PSP version...